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Uttabull: is a “Pub chat” Talk show that discusses a variety of topics as you would when your sat in the pub with your buddies.


197, Sees us discuss Space, and what it takes to be a modern astronaut. Liam went to a sports day and gives us his view of how it happened. We catch up with Jason's COVID status and work some pizza talk into the mix. 

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Starts with Dogs turns into Tik Tok, stumbles over the topic of equality, and which becomes more about food than the issues in hand, 
We round off having somehow getting into Pitch Perfect. 

"Why would you put cheese on your roast?"

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June 23, 2020

Text Self exam to 81010

Do you need to be reminded to fiddle with your balls? 
No, Us neither, we are going crazy not leaving the house for eight weeks, and I think it shows.

It's https://www.manscaped.com/  In case you were wondering.  - not that we have been paid or told to talk about this.


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Take away the music, and everything gets thrown off tilt. 
Topics of the day include Isle of Man easing restrictions, "coach" Liam gives Jason some running advice and maybe empties his heart onto the floor of the recording studio. 

You are not alone. 

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Karma is a real B***h isn't it... 

What have our hosts been up to this time, ones been up a ladder, the other had a trip to the hospital, (not for him). 

A mid-show eviction of a flying creature... 

It's all go here!! 

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April 21, 2020

Bang for the N.H.S.

We chat, we giggle, we had fun. 

Grab a beverage, take a pew, and let us help you escape from your reality for an hour or so. 

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Uttabull under lockdown. Times have changed for us all, do yourself a favour. STAY HOME! 

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March 29, 2020

Fresh to Strong.

Firstly, the audio isn't the best,  - secondly, we didn't curse once, thirdly we are sorry it is late. 

Other than that, Enjoy!!! 

Topics include; Punishment in 2020, applying for a new job, and Liam rants on about Facebook advertising. 

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February 2, 2020

You Are Clothed Right?

Every now and again, a show just flows, and it is exactly what our show is meant to be. 

This was great fun to record, and we hope you enjoy it too? 

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Happy New year! 

Australian Fires, Finding out you have type two diabetes, and Mother Nature not giving a hoot, are all topics on today's show. 

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